Group Reservations
Getting a group together can be a challenge, here is some information to make your stay more enjoyable!

We get requests for various types of group reservations including but not limited to wedding parties, outdoor adventurers, family reunions etc. We have developed some guidelines to follow to make it easier for your group!

Renting all or most of the resort

If you want to rent the whole place or many of the rooms for a group, we can set aside a block of rooms in advance but will give you a limited amount of time for the future guests to call and make reservations. This time frame is related to what time of year you are making the reservation for and how far in advance we are working with.


Each individual guest must pay for their own room with their own credit card to book and secure the room. This ensures that they show up as planned and that they can individually be held responsible for any damages that may occur.

Main Deck and Cabin 7

If you wish to use the main deck for a group get together or function,  we require you rent Cabin 7 because of its location next to the main deck. We do not allow exclusive use or reservations for the deck unless you have rented the entire resort.
You may not rent cabin 7 only and place all your guests in another motel and still use the main deck. We would like to see this motel be the primary rental location when groups exclusively  use the deck.

Weddings and Parties

 We do not host wedding ceremonies at the Buttes. You may stay here, use the main deck for meals and parties for guests at the motel, but ask you to arrange for the ceremony at  the many beautiful locations around the area.  We are a great place for a honeymoon.

If you are going to use an outside service provider at the motel during your stay you must first advise us and obtain approval to do so. An example would be food catering, massage therapy, entertainment such as DJ's or musicians, etc


At this time, we do not offer discounts if you rent the entire resort. All discounts we have in place will apply to group rentals as with any guest that qualifys.
All other  rules apply to groups as to regular guests. We do not allow animals and pets. Guests staying at other motels that do allow pets may not bring them to parties on the main deck here or in any of the rooms.

Animals and Pets